Management Metrics

Our entire performance measurement process is defined and monitored by ATS Supply Chain Solutions' senior management team as well as our clients.

The factors that are correlated into the measurement process include; Identifying cost reduction opportunities – then changing the process to realize those savings or efficiencies. Customer Service issues; on time deliveries, damages compared to shipments handled, complete orders when the customer wants the product, feedback from our clients customers, input from drivers at the point of delivery, these factors form the basis of ATS SCS ability to successfully measure our performance in managing logistics.

The incentive and/or rewards are; the ATS SCS teammates will receive monetary rewards based on performance and continuous improvement. If our clients don’t receive value from ATS, we will not be afforded the opportunity to work for them. We have worked for our primary clients for an average of seven years – growing with those clients each year. Our clients believe that ATS SCS has brought value to their logistics process.

Client References available upon request.