Customer Service Program

At ATS Supply Chain Solutions our credibility is our biggest asset. At the heart of our credibility are our Teammates, Partners and Carriers. We have created a work environment that encourages input from all levels. ATS SCS provides the training necessary for our teammates/partners/carriers to succeed. We recognize quality workmanship and provide the tools necessary for our teammates/partners/carriers to be successful.

Our teammates/partners/carriers are dedicated and take “ownership” of each project they handle. The entire ATS SCS team accepts and believes in the process that drives our organization.

Our approach is to do it right the first time. We anticipate our clients needs and pro-actively manage those needs. We understand that data integrity requires zero tolerance. Because of our unique management team, we are able to approach each project from an operational point of view, from our client’s perspective and from our clients’ customer and vendor’s perspective. The ATS SCS "customer needs process" has been specifically designed, developed and utilized for over ten years. Because we pro-actively manage the process, customer complaints are unusual. However, when a customer has an issue, the issue is handled quickly and resolved immediately. We then analyze the situation, learn why it happened and then make permanent corrective arrangements to prevent it from occurring again.